Which Converse collection will be the focus of outfit for the back-to-school season

Which sneakers will accompany you in the upcoming back-to-school season?

Converse has become a national shoe in recent years so it is impossible not to put it on the outfit list for the back-to-school season but this time we will go deeper about them, along with the list of Converse shoes on the latest shelves. in recent times to propose the appropriate pair for the fashion playground of young people as well as sneakers.


A choice for those who love the “low-key” fashion segment, the legendary Converse Chuck Taylor All Star is the darling of simple but elegant style mix-match enthusiasts.


As a senior member of brand value, soon escaping from the huge shadow of Chuck Taylor, Converse cleverly spread red carpets for a street-wear item, upgrading them to the catwalk. Our Chuck 70 has an exclusive vintage black label and outsole, high-quality canvas made only embossed, insole made of foam inside and stylist / Model / Fashion made familiar by Outfit trees have a high-fashion attribute. I heard that Converse Chuck 70 = Fashionista.


The ideal message, is the brainchild sent by Converse many things that society is concerned about: “Protecting the Environment – There ‘s always a way to renew what we do”. The Converse Renew Canvas collection is not merely from the bottle bottles, but they will continue to improve the development of recycling technology with many different materials but still keep the spirit of Chuck. Converse Renew Canvas has been on the market since July 5, 2019 and it is also the first time Converse – the street-wear giant has signaled this positive signal, so it is not strange for Chuck 70 Green Avocado SOLD OUT.

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The first batch of One Star GLF in Vietnam is this pack – Converse GLF Color Block. Soft leather has been treated with 2 classic branding elements but the colors are the Flower Boy logo of TTC and One Star on the upper two sides. Tape mixed with the same color Kelly Green and Racing Red is the highlight of the whole block. This item is only sold in some stores only.


This is considered a relaxing shoe because the most attractive point is that the knit upper is completely elastic and easy to wear instead of the canvas. They are born for “lazy” elements because of the minimal color scheme and Knit technology that stretches the upper upper like an airy mesh, light and completely flexible. And adding a plus point to the entire color scheme this time is extremely low-profile, eye-catching, both outfit with Gen Z about to enroll and the office staff.


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