The 60s dresses are still popular today

Your wardrobe has familiar dress patterns and is never out of fashion. But did you know that was the prevailing fashion trends of the 1960s?

The fashion flow of the 60s is always one of the endless inspiration of designers, because this period of clothing broke the rigid rules of the previous period. More specifically, did you know the most popular designs of this period may be very familiar items today. For example, the dresses of the 1960s seem simple but have undergone decades of innovation.


This is the easiest skirt to wear because it is suitable for all shapes and sizes. However, in the 1960s, this is not a favorite item for office ladies because the length is considered as “less suitable”. In modern offices, the skirt is short but the length on the pillow is a polite and elegant skirt.

(Photo: New England Woodstock / Pinterest)

Embellishments help women to show off their slender physique, create a youthful and dynamic appearance. In particular, in the 1960s, the shortness of the dress was considered proportional to the confidence of the ladies. They are ready to receive the attention on the east street at any time.

Photo: Style du Monde


This dress existed 40 years ago, but only in the 1960s did it really create a “fever” for urban ladies. Waist-length dresses are only knee-length and usually have a bow on the side of the skirt. The purpose of this detail is to create a highlight for the hips, contributing to the overall outfit with youthful and mischievous features.

60s fashion focused on designs with details that exemplify the natural physical beauty of women. (Image: Geoffrey Beene)

Today, the waistline dress can be designed in many styles, colors, textures, but the details of the skirt body are always emphasized.

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Photo: Blog Red White & Denim


This classic texture is definitely indispensable on the dress designs of the 60s. People not only see mischievous, lovely but also feminine, elegant in the image of the polka dots.

If the long skirt of the dot holds the classic, the short skirt shape brings modernity to the female. From maxi skirts, spread skirts or high back skirts, all have classic, elegant features.

Photo: Imaxtree

Polka dots texture was once “storming” in the fashion world in the world, appearing in many costume designs and accessories of big fashion houses.


The trend of fashion highlights in the 60s particularly emphasized the youthful and innocent features of ladies. Therefore, the highly detailed dress design helps the younger wearer to be the first choice. Round neck skirt is an indispensable detail on those dresses.

Photo: Style du Monde

Today, round neck dresses are a popular choice of modern girls when going out, walking the streets or working. Discreet, polite but still attractive are the adjectives that describe this dress in detail.


Pastel colors dress has never been this fad to give a bright overall look to the outfit. In the 1960s, people liked pastel because of the trend of rejuvenating costumes, until now, pastel colors are still popular thanks to the flexible transformation ability. Whatever the tone, pastel colors always bring a sense of comfort to the wearer. More specifically today, using pastel tones is a way to refresh the rigid office costumes.

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