The 10 hottest hair colors fall you should know

Color Pale Pink: According to Stephanie Brown – IGK’s hair color master in New York (USA), we should thank American female player Megan Rapinoe. Because of her, you can see this outstanding hair color throughout the season. If you want to keep your hair color persistent, use a pink hair shampoo. It can be said that the captain of the American National Football Association is the leader of this hair color trend. Photo: @ninezeroone.

Color Yellow Mushroom: It sounds strange but mushroom yellow hair is a blend of black, smoky yellow and cool tones of brown. Therefore, this is the right color for those who love the variety of tones in hair. According to representatives from Pinterest, the statistics for finding this mushroom blond hair are really huge numbers – more than 300%. Meanwhile, the search rate for platinum yellow fell to 26%. Photo: Pinterest.

Copper Color: Redken brand Ambassador Cassandra Kaeding said that red is always a color that cannot be forgotten in the fall. If you want red to be your hair color, you should choose red copper instead of burgundy. Because burgundy will be more purple than red. In the photo, Orange is the new black actress – Madeline Brewer – is showing off her copper hair. Photo: @madbrew.

Moreover, copper color is also suitable for most skin tones. If you have bright white skin, copper color helps you increase the youthful and fresh look. And you own dark skin, do not hesitate to try. This hair color when combined with Western style makeup will bring an impression, personality. Actor, singer Emma Roberts noble has caught up with the era when changing her hair color. Photo: Pinterest.

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Chestnut brown: Brown is always on the list of trendy hair colors. To add more depth to your hair, you should think about chestnut brown. Along with using sulfate-free shampoos to keep hair healthy and lively. Pictured is the charming beauty of Victoria’s Secret angel – Jasmine Tookes – in chestnut brown hair. Photo: @jastookes.

Strawberry blonde: For those who want a makeover this fall, strawberry blonde is not a bad idea. You are free to break away with the flexibility that this color gives, such as raising or lowering hair tones still attractive to the viewer. The “Black Widow” ScarJo is a testament to the charm with strawberry blonde short hair. Photo: Pinterest.

Cool beige: Despite its many new and unique colors, beige always retains its influence. This is the hair color many people want to try once in their life. The sister association is often afraid to change the hair to beige because to get a good color, you have to resort to the method of hair removal. This is really an obstacle, but the results will not disappoint you. Not only personality, this hair color also creates dynamic and healthy. Photo: @ritaora, Pinterest.

Ombre caramel hair style: Caramel color is an orange-brown tone, bringing the sweetness and intimacy. So this is the color you cannot ignore if you love caramel. It is also suitable for those who own dark, dark skin. Whether adults or young people, caramel colors are still selected for dyeing. American tennis player Serena Williams is enjoying the moment of travel but still cleverly showing off her curly caramel hair. Photo: @serenawilliams.

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Glossy brown: Thanks to the Kardashian-Jenner empire, we can admire the glamorous brown hair style. Covering the shadow on the hair will create a smooth, shiny effect. This hair color is suitable for students, if they do not want to be stained. However, remember to use hair care methods to protect, maintain and rehabilitate your hair to stay healthy and keep it long. Photo: @kimkardashian.


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