Preppy fashion style of the elite

The preppy style on stage on Autumn-Winter this year has many new variations. Cardigan, blazer jacket, plaid skirt legs perfect choice for days on Autumn.

Preppy style originated in the early 20th century when girls in the wealthiest families in American private schools attended preparatory classes – “preparatory school” before entering university. The gentleness, elegance and high applicability make this style always popular. The famous people with Preppy style can mention the classic fashion icon Audrey Hepburn, Princess Kate Middleton, singer Taylor Swift …

Fashion style associated with the elite

Beginning in the 20s, it was not until the 1950s that preppy entered the most flourishing period. The reason is because at this time, Western women also go to school like men, which promotes economic development and the media become more popular.

Kennedy’s family with preppy style. (Photo: mwfilmnewsroom.blogspot)

Wealthy families buy only the best for their children, so rich children now usually only wear clothes from the most famous brands. Many middle and high-end fashion houses like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, J Crew and Celine become more popular thanks to Preppy style.

A sample of the preppy designs of Ralph Lauren. (Image: Ralph Lauren)

Attraction and spread

The 2000s were the heyday of drama. In it, the classic movie Gossip Girl tells the story of the rich lady living in Manhattan, New York brought this style closer to the audience.

Preppy style in the popular TV series Gossip Girl (2007-2012). (Photo: Everett Collection)

Taylor Swift is also one of the celebrities who love the elegant beauty of this style.

Thin sweaters, flat shoes, oxford shoes and bright colors like Preppy are Taylor Swift’s favorite items. (Image: New York Post, Popsugar, FameFlynet)

Preppy style in modern breath

The Fall-Winter catwalk this year saw the return of the bourgeois style – derived from the French “bourgeoisie”, meaning the middle class. This style has many similarities with Preppy. That is why Bourgeois is sometimes called “preppy style of France”. The designs of fashion houses such as Summerrmes, Burberry, Tods and most notably Celine in the 70s are preppy.

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The design of the Celine fashion house in the 70s. (Image: Celine)

From the fashionable floor …

Characteristic designs such as coat, collar, suit, blazer, cardigan, neckwear, bobbing pattern, tweed fabric, cashmere contribute to a perfect appearance for the Fall days. The Fall – Winter Collection in 2019 introduces many innovations to the feminine style: keeping both the classic and youthful and modern spirit.

Pleated skirt with small brown plaid motifs, combined with white shirts, turtlenecks and scarves reminds viewers of Celine’s preppy designs of the 70s. This is a design from the Autumn collection – Winter 2019 of Celine. (Image: Valerio Mezzanotti)
Slip-on Loafer is classic but not boring thanks to the small brown checkered pattern. (Photo: H&M)
Shoes loafer – the basic item of preppy style “F5” with navy blue is becoming one of the trends of the autumn this year. The design of Givenchy fashion house in the Fall – Winter collection 2019. (Image: Givenchy)
Blue speakers are one of the Fall 2019 trends. (Image: H&M)
Preppy-inspired mix of Maje BST Fall-Winter 2019 brand. Cape-style outerwear combined with white plaid shirt and plaid skirt suit, an elegant and feminine suggestion for office lady. (Photo: Maje)
The white shirt style duck neck, stylized bow. (Photo: Mango)
Blazer styles with reticle motifs. (Photo: Zara)
Burberry fashion house has combined the hallmarks of preppy style such as blazer, high-necked shirt and flat shoes to create an elegant and modern beauty. (Photo: John Phillips)
(Photo: Balenciaga)
Tommy Hilfiger blazer with houndstooth motifs combined with neon yellow hoodie, pleated skirt and hem of the same color. (Image: Tommy Hilfiger)

… To Street fashion

Elegant and highly applicable are the factors that contribute to the appeal of the preppy style. Fashion is constantly changing and developing constantly, so for now, this is no longer a style just for the elite. The development of the garment industry has helped preppy designs from more affordable brands to the majority of consumers. Polite and never buggy, this is a style every girl should try this Fall.

Polite and easy to wear, it’s no surprise that the preppy style remains the same in the face of a constantly changing trend. (Image: Getty Images)
Suggestions for coordinating the Fall preppy style with small reticle motifs and shoes. (Photo: Armenyl, Kelly Stuart, New York Magazine)

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