4 ways to coordinate bracelets and watches

Matching bracelets and watches helps to highlight your watch, while creating a highlight to complete the overall outfit.

Bracelets and watches are two indispensable accessories for fashion followers. The combination of watches and one or more models of bracelets on the same arm creates a new, different look for the wearer.

To avoid heavy, messy watches with different bracelets, you can refer to the principles commonly applied by fashion followers:

The principle of copper color (ton sur ton)

This is the principle that is applied a lot in fashion coordination. When combined with this principle, the watch and bracelet you wear must be a color or made of a compatible material. For example, if the watch has a yellow dial or strap, the bracelet must also be colored with the watch. If you wear a leather watch, you should also choose a bracelet made from leather to “ton sur ton” with a watch.

Principles of offsetting

You need to combine bracelets and watches based on their complexity so that they are most harmonious: the bracelet highlights the watch, and the watch does not overwhelm the beauty of the bracelet. For example, the watch is simple, the bracelet should have more small accents, complicated watches, the bracelet is as minimalist as possible.

Big clock

When wearing a large watch fashion, you should combine with bracelets smaller bracelets to harmonize the wrist. You should note that you should choose a simple, basic watch, less sophisticated and should divide the size of the layers appropriately, do not use too many other big jewelry such as necklaces, earrings stand out because it will cause distractions.

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Small watches

In addition to soft bracelets, hard bracelets are also an appropriate choice to coordinate with small watches. You can choose from bracelets with accents made of pearl beads or wear multiple bracelets, helping to harmonize and respect your favorite watch model.

When you mix, you can wear the bracelet after the watch, if wearing multiple rings, you can follow the formula 1 before 2 after (with a 3-ring set) or 2 before 3 after (with a set of 5 rings). However, this position is not entirely fixed, you can completely create positions before and after the clock to suit personal preferences and style. The position of the bracelet should also be arranged from simple to complex, from small to large to form a unified whole, orderly and avoid distractions.


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