10 ways to combine a simple, fashionable white shirt

With a white shirt, will we mix & match out of how many beautiful and fashionable standard sets, especially meeting the minimalist criteria? The answer is right in the article below.
Currently, instead of complicating things, people often aim at a minimalist lifestyle to reduce stress and fatigue. That when applied to fashion has created a minimalist fashion style, which is being called a trend that many girls are pursuing.

Referring to minimalism, and especially to be well-groomed, she must think of white shirts – an item that guarantees simplicity but sophistication and neatness. However, whether with a white shirt, what will they do to get a complete set of clothes that fully meets the criteria of two criteria: minimalist and eye-catching? Here are 10 cool white shirt mix & match suggestions that you can apply to perfect your minimalist fashion style.

Set 1: White shirt + tube top jeans

White shirts with elegant, elegant features when combined with dusty jeans, personality will create an extremely harmonious overall and attract eyes, helping them to preserve a simple style but Still very trendy.

Set 2: White shirt + flower skirt

The skirt flower skirt is presently being considered as a important item in locker because it is easy to look and easy to coordinate. So, mix the skirt flower with a white shirt and complete with a simple piece of sandal straps to get an elegant look while still being feminine.

Set 3: White shirt + white pants with wide sleeves

A set of white-on-white clothes always carries with it the ability to transform the appearance of her become extremely youthful and eye-catching. Therefore, try mixing white shirts with wide-legged pants and ton-ton-ton pants and incorporate more accessories such as belts, striking colored shoes, … to see the aspect of her being raised to how.

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Set 4: White shirt + mezzanine shorts

The girls preferred the stylish and dynamic fashion style, so don’t ignore the oversized white shirts and badger shorts. The exciting combination of elegant shirts and mischievous badger shorts will create an extremely youthful and unique style. Besides, please complete the set with a pair of healthy sneaker and 1-2 accessories such as bucket hat, wearable bag to enhance the look of her.

Set 5: White shirt + short skirt legs

White shirt when mixed with jeans skirt short shape and sports shoes will help her get a very dynamic appearance, while still very stylish. In order to shape your body vigorously, remember to manipulate your neatly! In addition, you can use a simple black belt to create a highlight for the set.

Set 6: White shirt + outer halter shirt + flared fabric pants

To increase the attraction for the look, she can create layers for the map set by wearing a white shirt inside and outside a two-piece shirt. Along with that, coordinate this shirt set with flared fabric pants and a pair of pointed shoes to complete the set.

Set 7: White shirt + skirt with two straps

Another set of clothes with layerings effect that is very popular with her is the pair of shirts and skirts with two halves. Specifically, she must wear white shirt inside and outside of a skirt with two straps to get a complete overall.

Set 8: White shirt with minimalistic overalls

More simply, the girls could wear a very generous set of clothes like crop-top shirt + wide tube pants and then put on an oversized white shirt. Unsurprisingly, these three items will help her to have an extremely trendy look and suck her eyes. However, consider selecting the item colors to preserve the harmony for the set!

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Set 9: White shirt + high-waisted shorts

The loose white shirt when combined with the youthful high-heeled shorts will create an equally beautiful set of clothes, helping them to raise their style. However, please remember to dress neatly to high waist pants to fulfill the mission to respect her!

Set 10: White shirt + pleated skirt

Elegant and luxurious, that is what the pair of shirt and pleated skirt can bring to their style. In order to increase the prominence for the whole set, they can choose the smooth pleated skirts with fancy or bright colors such as red, orange, dark green, …

Above are 10 ways to mix & match white shirts, but still extremely attractive that they can use every day. In addition, the girls can transform even more cute clothes with white shirts to suit their own tastes. Hopefully the above suggestions will give you inspiration to create interesting mix styles with white shirts.

Wish you always get a radiant appearance!


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